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The time you sped together with your escort should be sexually fulfilling and enjoyable, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. There are some rules you need to follow when meeting with your escort to ensure the time you spend together is comfortable for the both of you. if you don’t behave well, it will be hard for the escort to pleasure you or give you the services you need.

Here are some escort etiquettes you need to follow so you can get an enjoyable experience

You should always be at your best when you go meet the client. This is the first step you need to take to ensure your time together is flawless. Taking care of your body hygiene wise is a basic etiquette for anyone.

Remember, you are going to spend a romantic time with the score. if you don’t show up clean and looking good, escorts may cancel that appointment. It is bet to take a shower and wear fresh clothes because you would expect the same from your escort.

Ensure you comb your hair, wear aftershave and generally look clean, fresh and appealing. Also, make sure you brush and chew mints to clean up your breath. If you do this, our experience with the escort will turn out to be as great as you expected. This basic hygiene etiquette may be the key to creating long term friendships with the escort, or agency.

The escort business continues to grow more sophisticated by the year. As an escort, or a client your health should come first. Many people tend to hind health issues or diseases, and this can them or the escorts at risk Healthwise during the appointment.

 The health and safety of the clients and escorts are a major concern in this industry. As a client, you are obliged to mention your health issues and diseases upfront before you book an escort to avoid major complications that could affect the escort.

Clients are allowed to call escorts to their homes or hotel rooms and apartments. as long as you rare located in a friendly neighbourhood, getting an escort will be easy. Escorts value their safety and security as well as privacy when taking an outcall.

They need to feel safe every single moment they spend with you. if you are going to bring drinks to an outcall, make sure the bottles are sealed. Respect her privacy and ask for permission before you do anything with her.

Tipping an escort is a good idea. You will find that most escort agencies include tipping with the charge but if you are feeling a little bit generous for the services offered, you can include the tip at the end of the appointment. Some escorts go an extra mile to please their clients and are deserving of extra tips.

If you are satisfied with the services offered to you by the escort, you can mail the agency and let them know you had a good time and appreciate it. a simple phone call to the agency can do, or you can choose to put some good feedback or review for the specific escort you spent time with.